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My journey began with an unyielding passion for supporting small businesses and crafting purposeful content. The spark that ignited my venture came from a background in food photography and marketing, where I often found myself disheartened by the lack of captivating tabletops in the cafes I frequented for my photoshoots. It was then I realised there was a significant gap in the market for high-quality, durable, and water-resistant photography backdrops tailored specifically for product shoots.


I firmly believe that product photography holds the power to be a transformative moment for any business, enabling you to showcase your offerings and tell your unique stories. This realisation led me on a mission to provide a solution for product-based businesses - a versatile range of easy-to-use backdrops that grant the ability to create stunning imagery either on the go or within the cozy confines of your own home.


That is when Everyday Co was born for the everyday people and ever since then, I have never looked back. I knew this was what I was meant to do and take immense pride in developing pieces that empower individuals and businesses to excel in their creative pursuits.


I love being able to witness the entrepreneurial spirit in action, as people fearlessly pursue their dreams of building successful businesses. Being a part of that growth, even in the smallest way, is an indescribable joy that fuels my purpose, and inspires me everyday.

Our Vision

Creating opportunities through inspiration

Our Mission

Give, Build, Share, Show

Our Values

Unapologetic, Empathetic, Passionate

Our Goal

We're turning all of our customers into GOOD rich people.